Friends of the Atlanta Land Trust

Real estate agents are critical partners in the work of the Atlanta Land Trust. ALT has created an affinity group, Friends of the Atlanta Land Trust, to harness the passion and insight of the real estate community for the benefit of our prospective homebuyers. Friends of ALT is a collective of Atlanta real estate professionals pioneering a new way of collective giving to foster the creation of equitable, affordable housing in the city of Atlanta.

Over the next several years, ALT seeks to bring 300 affordable units onto the market; its real estate affinity group members serve as an integral catalyst to helping low-income Atlanta residents access affordable homeownership through the promotion of the community land trust model and marketing of these affordable housing units.

Join Friends of the Atlanta Land Trust


Members of Friends of ALT receive:

  • A digital membership seal to publicly display on your website;
  • A click-through link and logo on ALT’s website;
  • Recognition in ALT’s quarterly newsletter reaching 1,600 supporters of permanently affordable housing;
  • Invitation to ALT events;
  • Exclusive annual organizational and affordable housing updates from the Executive Director;
  • Networking with like-minded real estate professionals;
  • Tax-deduction for an annual contribution.

Continuing Education

Real estate professionals are invited to learn how the community land trust (CLT) model is used to create affordable homes near the Atlanta BeltLine. Participants will hear from the Atlanta Land Trust and its partners who are working to create permanently affordable homes for low-income homeowners.

ALT’s CE classes cover a range of topics, including:

    • Community land trust model
    • ALT’s program qualifications and legal requirements
    • Financial resources available to homebuyers
    • Homebuying and closing process

Licensed real estate agents will receive 3 hours of CE credit with the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

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