Ensuring Equity and Access to All


The mission of Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) is to deliver and steward permanently affordable housing proximate to the Atlanta BeltLine and other targeted areas in the city of Atlanta. ALT will also create a favorable climate for community land trust (CLT) development, strategically assemble land, and provide fee-for service stewardship to other entities.


Atlanta Land Trust will be the primary community land trust in the city of Atlanta and the largest urban community land trust in the United States. Atlanta Land Trust will serve as an example of innovation and best practices or providing, stewarding, and creating access to permanently affordable housing in the footprint of the Atlanta BeltLine and targeted neighborhoods.

Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) is led by a dedicated team committed to providing permanently affordable housing in the city.
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The work of Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) would not be possible without the support of the incredible partners that share our commitment to providing equitable access to affordable housing in Atlanta. Learn More

Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) was developed as a way to ensure access to long-term housing affordability in Atlanta.
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