Accessibility for All

Growth can help us achieve our aspiration for Atlanta. If we want to reverse the trends of disparity, however, we must be intentional about how we grow. If we truly seek the beloved community, we will leverage growth to double down on our city’s diversity. We will ensure we remain affordable to everyone by designing Atlanta for immigrants, artists, service-sector workers and other traditionally low-income families. We will restore the city’s iconic Black middle class. We will welcome more people from other parts of the world. And we will invite a booming, aging population that wants to live without the burden of cars.

Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) is taking action by:

  • Building a sizable portfolio of permanently affordable housing;
  • Providing effective stewardship services for the resale-restricted, owner-occupied homes developed by ALT and others; and
  • Creating a favorable environment for community land trust development by promoting public policy, community engagement and fundraising.


Affordability for All

Atlanta Land Trust (ALT) is committed to creating and preserving housing in Atlanta that will remain affordable in perpetuity.

ALT was created to maintain affordability in neighborhoods at risk of gentrification and displacement due, in part, to growth and development near the Atlanta BeltLine. We focus primarily on areas of the city directly impacted by the project.

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.Jane Jacobs
Author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities